Overcoming Inertia Through Exercise

Bike ride

We are now in February and the revelry of New Year’s Eve is long forgotten. Gone for many are the resolutions we made about stopping “this” or doing more of “that.” This morning I found myself staring out into the cold, wet morning and thinking, “Should I ride my bike?” Thankfully I made the right decision and hopped aboard my bicycle to venture out for an invigorating ride.

Are you putting off eating right, sleeping, and exercising regularly because you’re too busy? Sometimes it really is simply a case of overcoming inertia. As Sir Issac Newton said, “an object at rest tends to stay rest.” Likewise an object in motion tends to stay in motion. Those first few sit ups, push ups, walking steps, or weights lifted can take the most effort, but the payoff can be enormous and once you get going it becomes much easier. Invest in your mental health, business, family, and overall well being. If you’re feeling stuck in life then exercise can be part of the antidote. Join me in taking those first few steps. Reader, hold me accountable and keep me going. Forward.

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