Creating an Arts Hub in Downtown Jacksonville

front of armoryToday is the last day of National Arts and Humanities Month and next Wednesday will be declared “Arts and Culture Day” in Jacksonville. The following is the final part of a TEDxFSCJ presentation on “Transforming Urban Communities Through the Arts.”

We must invest in what works. The Return on Investment is far too great and the opportunities too large to ignore. We must invest in the future. We must invest in an arts hub. A vision for a new Jacksonville.

What do you want your city to be? Where will Jacksonville be 5 years from now? 10 years from now? Don’t sit on the sidelines. Stand up. Step up. Reach out. You have voices which must be heard.

Become a volunteer for change. A volunteer for a new Jacksonville. An arts champion. Share your talents with students in our schools. Sign up for that pottery class or jazz workshop. Contact your elected officials and tell them to support arts education in our schools, communities, and workplaces. Vote! Help us rise above 16% voter turnout! Go local and join the ARTery team as a volunteer.

We are a city constantly being reborn and refashioned… retooled…a city on the verge of greatness.

That vacant building  at North Market and State Streets is more than just a space, more than just an Armory, it represents an essential idea. The idea that our diverse community can come together to create something of beauty, celebrate our shared past, learn from each other, and build an arts hub that shows the world the new Jacksonville, a “World Class City of Culture.”

Use the following sites for information on advocacy and contact info. for your elected officials.

City of Jacksonville City Council Members

Florida Cultural Alliance

Americans for the Arts

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