To Greenville and Back Part 2

We have all of the tools and resources needed in Jacksonville to accomplish everything that Greenville and other cities have done in transforming their urban centers. We are a city of entrepreneurs, creators, designers, and volunteers who are committed to building something truly great.

I was especially inspired by the work of several women who saw the need for a children’s museum in Greenville and set about to making that vision a reality. I had a terrific tour with two fellow travelers and the staff member who gave us the tour was incredibly proud of the museum. You can’t bottle pride!


Now The Children’s Museum of The Upstate has bragging rights as the 7th largest children’s museum in the country, 10th largest children’s museum in the world, and the only Smithsonian affiliate that is a children’s museum. Can we do it? Yes!

I discovered a similar initiative in my own backyard (Children’s Museum of St. Augustine) when I returned from Greenville and I look forward to seeing progress on that project. All of this leads me to believe that we can do anything here in Jacksonville. We just need a strong cohesive vision and the willingness to pursue that vision despite any obstacles and maintain that vision on a long-term basis. Can we do it? I believe we can.

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